Aryan Invasion Theory Comedy: Behind the Video

Well, lot's of it happened as a culmination of the hillarious rounds of jokes we are continously having during our research/scripting sessions here at Prachyam. What a big fool has the Western Academia made out of whole world. The list is endless.

But just to share our laughter, I put together this video. As you will watch it, there are some key insights too, which I am listing below:

  1. Out of India theory, or OIT: This is the foremost alternative of Aryan Invasion Theory. Basically, the Out of India theory claims that a lot of migrations have happened out of India, not into India, since thousands of years. These claims are backed by latest Genetic findings, and multiple internal references found in our historical texts.

  2. OIT being a Hindutva Fantasy: This is the latest narrative that the failing side is choosing. The left-liberal academic nexus is on thin ice right now, so when any OIT believer starts a debate, they quickly throw the Hindutva jibe hoping he/she might get on the defensive. Moral of the story being, "Aapne Ghabrana Nahi Hai".

  3. Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) being a Christian fantasy: Yep. Seriously. Max Muller, William Jones and all the big names, the early Indologists who started spreading the AIT raita, were devouts of the Anglican church, and wouldn't get a single penny if they didn't toe the Christ-the-Redeemer boat. Hence, all of Indian history was squeezed into a puny 1500 BC, just to make space for Bibilical fantasies to happen.

  4. Proto-Indo European Language, Southern Russia, etc: Search the net

  5. Genetics & Geology evidence: For a quick summary, watch this awesome video by Abhijeet Chawda ji, on Sangam Talks:

  6. India being the strongest contender to be PIE homeland: Watch this video of Shrikant Talageri Ji:

  7. Greek and Indian Astronomy Debate: Watch this kickass video by Prof. C. K. Raju: and his other videos. Genius.

Hope these insights will inspire you to do your own exploration too.

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Har Har Mahadev!

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