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A well-planned propaganda campaign has been launched to undermine India. Scored by the usual suspects, prominent opposition party members, media houses, and activists under the garb of 'Freedom of Expression', tool-kits have been compiled and big money has been spent, all to build a narrative against India's courageous fight against a once in a century pandemic.

Our speedy response to COVID & vaccine delivery capabilities, both at home and abroad, is grossly underplayed. The Western media and its Indian agents are working hard to denigrate and malign India's efforts to help its people. The aversion of the international media towards third-world countries is evident by the demeaning editorials and repulsive cartoons published in major international dailies regularly.

This coordinated effort is targeted at a large section of society in India and abroad, which is oblivious to the complexities of governance in India. Not everyone is well acquainted with our federal structure, politics, society, traditions, and struggles. This prepares an ideal breeding ground for spreading misconceptions and fake news against our nation. Poverty porn has become a time-tested technique to belittle our growth stories.

Senior woman wearing medical mask giving medicine to husband : Stock Photo

Everyone has been taken aback by India's lead in the vaccine race. The "Made in India" vaccine has ruffled many feathers. The big international pharma companies saw the competition and realized that ‘Covaxin’ could give them a run for their money! Ergo, the libel! Just before the second wave hit India, opposition parties and several "activist-journalists" wafted out fear about the vaccines being rolled out in the country. They criticized the government for hurrying up the trials, and they questioned the effectiveness of the vaccines. They simply discredited indigenous vaccines and perpetuated public vaccine apprehension. However, as the vaccines began to be administered, it became clear that there was no need to create a hoopla around them.

Beds In A Temporary Hospital Ward : Stock Photo

Following the creation of the fear-psychosis against vaccines, the same media outlets and opposition leaders swiveled to criticize the Indian government for the speed with which it was conducting vaccination drives. They tried comparing it with other countries, whose populations were nowhere close to India's! As of June 4th, 2021, approximately 230 million doses had been administered in India, ranking among the highest numbers worldwide in proportion to the population.

How do we counter this? What do we need today? It is to reaffirm our belief in our nation and our capabilities! A concerted effort must be taken to highlight our victories in this fight and spread positivity in these testing times. Our scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, front-line workers, police, and even the military, are working day and night to curb this menace. We must support them in this fight to the best of our abilities.

It is the resilience of our civilization that has allowed us to survive even greater onslaughts on our culture and our country. From natural calamities to invasions and wars, we have braved many storms. But, with faith in the government and trust in our own countrymen, we will overcome this new hurdle soon. This too shall pass!