About Us

Accused of loving Bharat to our core.

Prāchyam (प्राच्यम्) means Eastern, with its roots in the Sanskrit word Prāchi meaning Early. Every day, the light of the Sun illuminates the Eastern world earlier (Prachi) than the West. Hence, the East was termed as Prāchyam in Sanksrit.

We are a group of 3 filmmakers, who wake up every day to make Indic identity a matter of pride for the masses out there! The brilliant philosophy and deep values of Bhārat always move us,  and that's what we express in our creations.

The Prachyam Store

Chances are, you already know us by our videos. A few months back, we realized that to keep delivering great Indic videos, we need funds. Money moves the world around. And it seems certain that George Soros is not gonna fund us anytime soon. As always, anything Indic has to take care of its own.

We are trying to develop a system where we can generate immense value for the Indic community in a financially sustainable way. Prachyam store is one such initiative in that direction. We are strangers to the merchandise land. Please guide us. Give your feedback. And most importantly, keep the love coming. That keeps us going!