For centuries, we have let our narrative be defined by a western civilization that deliberately brainwashed our countrymen for their ulterior objectives.

At Prachyam, we are trying to tip that scale, in whatever small way we can. We are right now working day and night on producing 10 iconic documentaries that will aim to present various aspects of India's greatness, in bold, modern ways.

While we do that, we are also trying to not stop our regular videos, the stuff which connects us to lacs of patriots worldwide. Help us sustain our free, high-quality videos by contributing funds, only if you can. Every drop counts.

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UPDATE on the 10 Indic Films Project:

26 May 2021

The pre-production for all 10 Films is underway. We are getting in touch with a lot of subject matter experts, steering clear of many pseudo-researchers, and diving real scary deep into a myriad of books, articles, research papers, and what on. We hope all this wizardry will lead us to a refreshing new vista of Indic awesomeness.


The initial timelines we planned, however, have been deeply affected by the unfortunate COVID crisis. Several of our family members and teammates were badly affected. We are slowly recovering, and trying to keep all the engines running. 

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